contact information

Hampstead Business Association
P.O. Box 211
Hampstead, MD 21074

Hello HBA Members!

We want to thank all the businesses for their support in this organization over the past 27+ years. The board has made the decision to dissolve the HBA.

The Main Street Merchants Association and the Hampstead Business Association come together to form the Hampstead Merchant’s Association. We believe this combination of members and resources will help us establish and grow our businesses. The Hampstead Merchant’s Association is only going to be available for businesses that are located in the 21074 zip code. We hope this does not exclude that many of the HBA membership. The goal in this step is to focus our efforts here in Hampstead. The dues will remain the same $60 per year and it is the same price no matter when you join in the year.

The Hampstead Merchant’s Association will be running the Business Expo this year so keep an eye out on this if you wish to rent a table. More information will be coming. If you have already sent in your dues we can send your payment back or apply it to the new association. Please let us know what you want us to do with your payment.